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Bar Jokes

An elephant walked into a bar and asked for a pint the bar man asks the manager if he should serve the elephant. The manager says yes but charge him $10 a pint so no more elephants come here and the bar man did. The bar man say we dont get much elephants in this bar and the elephant says no wonder look at the priceses you charge.
Once a man walked into a bar and said
A man and a geraffe walked into a bar. The geraffe had 9 pints then colapsted the man walked out. The bar man shouted after him you cant leave that laying there. The man came back and said its not a lion its a geraffe.

Mexican Jokes

Why did the mexican throw his wife off the cliff?

What do you call a Mexican that lost his car?

2 Mexicans in a dessart starving they find a bacon tree 1 runs towards it and gets shot he says its no bacon tree its [h]ambush

Sea Jokes

What do you call a male mermaid?
A merbuttler

Indian Jokes

What do you call a stupid indian?
An indiot